IDAS EUC Control Framework

The Integrated Data And Structure Control EUC Framework is a complete risk management system for Microsoft Office and supporting documents. It is available as a stand-alone Excel solution (Office XP/2003/2007), capable of being incorporated into any current EUC framework, or as a complete SharePoint environment, with full product lifecycle and audit functionality. Both versions (shown above and below) are compatible.


  Comprehensive automated metrics & MI.

  User-definable risk alerts

  Customizable Manager & Auditor reports

  No impact on current technology.

  Implement for individual users / departments


We are able to offer the framework as an off-the-shelf license, or partly / fully managed project with total ongoing support. Contact us for details.

One of the key benefits is the discreetness of its functionality.

For most of the time, the control framework resides quietly and unobtrusively behind the scenes. Due to the inclusion of DiffXL technology, owners & managers are only informed if any changes made to a file has taken place outside the expected or accepted change risk level, and are then prompted to take appropriate action, for example to log or document the change or re-test the file. This discreet operational method means the system meets little resistance from users, who are often wary or even opposed to many control frameworks.

Owners can be alerted automatically if certain pre-determined changes take place or actions are required. This screen shows how the user can check the current status of all their EUCs